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10 Christmas Gifts Your Cavy Will Love

10 Christmas Gifts Your Cavy Will Love

Melinda Connor |

With the most wonderful time of the year just around the corner, it's time to get those letters off to Father Pigmas ASAP! And to make your shopping even easier, you do, we're featuring the top 10 guinea pig Christmas presents that'll have your piggies wheeking with delight.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts Your Guinea Pig Will Absolutely Love

Whether your guinea pigs have been naughty or nice this year, they definitely deserve a little treat from Santa. And at H&R, we've got you covered with the top 10 prezzies to give your piggies this festive season.

1. Rosewood Edible Christmas Puzzle Tree For Small Animals

The Rosewood Edible Christmas Puzzle Tree For Small Animals is the ideal gift for cavies that love to forage and explore. And you'll be thrilled to know that it's 100% edible.

The tray, made from pet-safe wood and yummy alfalfa, is decorated with a variety of chewy treats. And when your guinea pigs have munched their way through the snacks, you can simply refill the tray. Not only is this gift super cute, but it'll also keep your cavies entertained for ages.

2. Rosewood Naturals Festive Fruit Tree for Small Animals

Another festive-themed treat is the Rosewood Naturals Festive Fruit Tree for Small Animals. Made from the crispiest, crunchiest parsley, and decorated with apple, coconut and moreish mountain bilberries, this hanging treat is a must-have on any piggy pawrent's Christmas list.

It's a good-sized treat and will keep even the most peckish guinea pig busy for hours. But take note, it should only be served up as a treat, and we don't recommend letting your pet devour the entire snack in one sitting.

3. HayPigs!® Cavy Candy Cane™ Tilting Tunnel

Turn your guinea pigs hutch into a 'wheeking wonderland' with this very cool Cavy Candy Cane™ Tilting Tunnel from HayPigs!®. The multi-purpose chewable candy cane tilting tunnel can be filled with tasty treats for foraging, used as a hidey-hole, or as a seesaw

We suggest slowly introducing your piggies to this toy, especially if they've never had something like it before. Guinea pigs are naturally curious, so they'll start out giving it a few sniffs and even a chew. However, you can encourage them to have a look around by hiding a few yummy treats in the middle. In no time at all, your cavies will be tilting up and down with absolute glee. 

4. Rosewood Christmas Pudding Snuggle Bed for Small Animals

While the weather outside may be frightful, your piggies will be feeling delightful curled up on their Christmas Pudding Snuggle Bed for Small Animals from Rosewood. Measuring approximately 34cm, the cosy Christmas pudding snuggle bed is the perfect gift for your cavies to rest after a busy day filled with holiday cheer.

5. Rosewood Naturals Celebration Cake

Who doesn't love edible treats? While you're shopping for Aunty Agnes, remember to order the delicious and healthy Rosewood Naturals Celebration Cake for your guinea pig. The cake is made from 100% natural, edible (and yummy) ingredients, and the wall and lid of the cake are made with coconut and carrot. The decorative toppings include herb and vegetable balls and flower petals that even the pickiest of piggies will enjoy.

And then there's the filling! A scrumdiddlyumptious herbal salad consisting of wheat herb, rose blossoms, peppermint, hemp seed, black cumin seed, beetroot, buckwheat, dandelions, buckthorn berry, nettle, alfalfa meadow hay and fennel seed. The best news of all is that it's free of any dairy and sugar.

6. Rosewood Naturals Wintery Hay Cottage

The Rosewood Naturals Wintery Hay Cottage is a Christmas grotto even Father Pigmas would be happy to call home. Made from chewable, pet-safe parchment board and coated with meadow hay, the wintery cottage doubles up as a tasty treat and cosy retreat for your piggies.

Sticking with the Christmas theme, the roof is topped with delicious coconut that cavies absolutely love. This is such a popular gift idea, we suggest you order more than one for your furry friends.

7. Rosewood Naturals Christmas Baubles Treat Challenge For Small Animals

Another fun gift that stimulates your guinea pigs' senses, and encourages them to forage is the Naturals Christmas Baubles Treat Challenge. Like all of Rosewood's edible products, this Christmas bauble treat is 100% pet-safe and absolutely delicious.

The chewy parchment board is covered with hay, and the three decorative baubles are filled with coconut, beetroot and marigold. Big enough for two or more cavies to explore and enjoy, sharing is definitely caring with this thoughtful Christmas gift.

8. 5ft Chartwell Double Guinea Pig Hutch

Show your piggies how much you love them with the 5ft Chartwell Double Guinea Pig Hutch from H&R. Like all our cages and runs, it's made in the UK so that the strictest manufacturing guidelines are adhered to. It's the ideal size for your furry friends, and the double-storey design provides maximum space while taking up a minimum amount of floor space.

The two-level hutch has a ramp connecting the floors, providing your pets with plenty of exercise while also keeping their nails trimmed down. There's more than enough space for your piggies to roam freely in their hutch, as well as interact and socialise with each other, And when they need some time out, there are enough private areas for your piggies to chill out and relax on their own.

9. 5ft Chartwell Single Guinea Pig Hutch

Another great home for your cavies from H&R is the 5ft Chartwell Single Guinea Pig Hutch. And it's currently on sale! The compact design makes it ideal as a starter hutch and is the perfect height for children to keep an eye on their pets.

Deceptively small, the Chartwell single hutch has high ceilings with more than enough space for two piggies to enjoy comfortably. Or, when it's needed, some much needed time out from each other. For additional space, don't forget the Chartwell run that can be purchased separately.

10. 6ft Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo

Your piggies will be popcorning with pure pleasure when they see Father Pigmas deliver this 6ft Kendal Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo. The hutch and run combo features living space on the top and a playing area underneath.

Three separate doors provide your cavy crew with easy access, as does the ramp with entry to the run. There's also plenty of cosy spots where they can cuddle up together or retreat for a bit of quiet time on their own. And for your pets' safety, the trapdoor between the run and the hutch can be locked at night.

And for cavies that have been especially nice, you could always add even more space with the Kendal Extension Run Kit, also available from H&R.

Hopefully, our gift ideas will make 2020 your guinea pig’s best Christmas ever! Like us on Facebook for more festive gift ideas for your entire furry family.