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Hedgehog Houses, Nesting Boxes and Feeding Stations

Shop our selection of British built wooden hedgehog houses today. Hedgehogs in the UK are under threat and need our help.

As well as feeding hedgehogs, one of the best things you can do to help them is to offer them shelter. Our hedgehog houses offer protection for hedgehogs as feeding stations, nesting boxes and hibernation shelters.

Home and Roost Hedgehog Houses

Traditionally hedgehogs nest and hibernate in old tree roots, thick hedgerows or rabbit holes. These habitats are becoming more challenging to find. So we must offer hedgehogs alternative shelter.

All our houses follow the best design principles for happy hedgehog living.

  • Our Hedgehog Houses are handmade in the UK by skilled craftsmen. We are members of the Made in Britain campaign.
  • Home and Roost Hedgehog Houses are made using sustainable, Forestry Service Certified Timber.
  • Each house offers enough space for a hedgehog to feed or nest comfortably.
  • Our houses are all designed to be fully predator-proof and offer a truly safe haven for hedgehogs.
  • Houses offer felted roofs for extra insulation from the heat in summer and cold in winter.
  • Solid wood floors help to keep hedgehogs dry and offer extra protection from predators.
  • Removable roofs offer you easy access for cleaning and replenishing food supplies.
  • Houses are treated with water-based wood preservative. This prolongs the life of your house while being entirely safe for hedgehogs.
  • An antibacterial coating protects from the spread of diseases when more than one hedgehog is visiting your house.
  • All houses are delivered fully assembled for your convenience.

Our high-quality houses offer shelter to thousands of happy hedgehogs in the UK and are widely used by hedgehog hospitals and rescue projects.

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