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5ft Guinea Pig Hutches

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5ft Guinea Pig Hutches

We carry a full range of 5ft guinea pig hutches including single, double and 2 tier models. Our 5ft models are perfect for people with larger back yards, pet owners with multiple guinea pigs and people who want to give their guinea pigs more space. All of our hutches come with a separate private sleeping compartment. Most of our guinea pig hutches also come with integrated legs that keep the hutch off the ground There is also a wire front panel and door. This makes it easy to access and restock things like hay feeders and water bottles.

Our 5ft Guinea Pig Hutches Are Perfect For Pet Lovers

Guinea pigs make a fantastic pet for children or adults. For children, they are a great way to learn responsibility while also providing a companion. Adults love guinea pigs too because of their sweet nature and the fact they are undeniably adorable. Our 5ft guinea pig hutches are the perfect home for your guinea pig no matter what age you are. The hutches all have market-leading depth and height along with plenty of living floor space and headroom. That makes it easy for everyone from small children to the elderly to use these hutches. The large space and big doors mean you can top up water and food or visit your pets with ease. The hutch’s height also means it is easy to get your guinea pigs out regularly and watch them scamper about having fun.

Our 5ft hutch designs also pack a load of great features. All of our 5ft range have large doors that provide access to every compartment. Many of our hutches also have an under-door cleaning bar to help you clean up any mess quickly and easily. Each hutch even has a private area for your guinea pigs to relax and feel safe.

Big Things in Small Packages

Our 5ft guinea pig hutches are so popular because they pack so much living space into a small footprint. You simply can not find an outdoor pet house with more floor space, headroom or depth anywhere on the market. We make sure that all of our hutches have approximately two feet of headroom and two feet of depth. That means you can arrange food and bedding, provide space for toys and keep the hutch accessible and uncluttered. Other hutches claim to be the same size and price but their total area is lacking. We believe you should always get the best value for your money but we also know you want the best for your pets. That is why we are so focused on providing the biggest pet homes.

Guaranteed Quality and 5 Star Customer Service

Each of our hutches are made with care in the UK. We are members of the Made in Britain campaign and as such we support our Great British investment and manufacturing. All of our hutches are lovingly made in the south of England in Kent. This helps us ensure we provide the highest standards of quality for you and a great home for your pet.

We will also provide every purchaser on Home and Roost with a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee if for whatever reason you’re not happy with your pets’ new home. We are proud of the fact that we are the only supplier with an independent 5 Star rating on Trustpilot.