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Guinea Pig Hutches

Guinea Pigs or to give them their technical name Cavia Porcellus, are wonderous little animals with great personalities once you get to know them. They are also known to be super sociable, preferring to be kept in pairs to avoid feeling lonely. Smart and curious, the best way to a Guinea Pig’s heart is to keep them mentally active. Guinea Pigs make fantastic first pets for children, helping them learn the vital life skills of responsibility and companionship. Some are also known to live up to eight years making Guinea Pigs a worthwhile and fulfilling commitment.

With so much choice on the market, it’s vital that your new Guinea Pig Hutch has been designed and built with pets and their owners in mind. Over time that will result in a happier and healthier pet. Research is so important before you start your journey. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work putting together the best range of Guinea Pig Hutches available.

The Finest Guinea Pig Hutch Range Available

Guinea Pigs love the company of others and quickly get lonely and sad if left on their own, we would recommend simple avoiding this and keeping them in pairs. So your little friends feel safe and relaxed in their new home, we’d suggested create a few hiding spots inside. This is easily achieved with our cages as they’re designed to have more floor space and height than all other hutches on the market. This allows plenty of room for hiding spots. Little hiding areas, as well as the sleeping compartment, will reassure your pets that a quick retreat to a safe place is always close. We’ve designed our range of outdoor guinea pig hutches so that you have the maximum amount of space for your pets. Each hutch we offer comes with a secluded large sleeping compartment; this is an essential feature so your pets can disappear at night and feel safely tucked away while sleeping. A constant supply of good quality clean Hay or another bedding material is a must; Guinea Pigs love eating hay, in fact, they graze all day but providing an ample supply of bedding is essential.

Guaranteed Quality and Peace of Mind

Guinea Pigs are perfectly happy living outside; Cavia’s have sensitive hearing, and more than likely will prefer the peace of the garden. However this opens them up to predators, foxes, wild cats and rodents can all pose a threat, so it’s essential that your hutch is safe and secure. Rest assured, our guinea pig hutches are very reliable, the 6ft and 5ft ranges all come with fox proof wire, and use thick T&G wood for the hutch side panels and the sleeping compartment door. We believe that the best prevention from predators is a sizeable and heavy hutch. You can’t stop foxes or other predators visiting your garden at night, but you can make sure that if they do, your pets are entirely hidden and tucked away. Smaller and lighter guinea pig hutches don’t provide the space needed to prevent predators from being tempted. All of our guinea pig hutches are class leading in size and weight and provide enough room so that at night your pets are tucked away entirely out of view.

What Size of Guinea Pig Hutch is Right for Me?

A question we get asked a lot at the H&R offices. The short answer is; the largest you can. Guinea pigs, like most animals require enough room to move about and explore; they also need a place for food and clean drinking water. A secluded sleeping compartment is also a must. Luckily for you, every hutch in our range can provide all of this and more. Unlike lesser cages on the market, our pet homes come with an approx, 2 feet in depth and 2 feet in height giving your pets the ability to stand up with ease and for you to create hiding spots and play areas.

Now that you’ve chosen your new hutch we’d strongly recommend that you add a run. Our guinea pig runs are a great way of providing your pets with even more room for exercises and that all-important grazing time, all from the safety of a well built secure playpen. Our Chartwell Guinea Pig Runs are a popular choice and are very flexible; you can use them attached to the front of your Chartwell Hutch leaving the doors open so your pets can go in and out as they please. If you choose to use our runs in this way, we’d recommend using the Help Me Up Ramp. It makes going in and out more accessible and fun. You can also use our Chartwell Guinea Pig Runs on their own as a standalone playpen; we find this feature useful. You can move the run around your garden from time to time to protect your grass and protect your pets from direct sunlight if needed. Another option is our Folding Runs. these are great if you don’t want something permanent and need to collapse the run down and store it when not being used.

Delivery of Your New Guinea Pig Hutch

We know how important it is when you order something online that everything goes exactly to plan. We’ll do everything we can so your order gets to you in the fastest time possible and with the least amount of hassle.

That’s why every guinea pig hutch and run in our range is available for next day delivery, even on Saturdays. Order today, and you’ll receive a confirmation email thanking you for your order and soon after another email with a tracking link so you can keep an eye on your order all the way to your door.

If you have any questions or any specific needs concerning delivery, please get in contact, and we’d be happy to help.