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Outdoor Cat Houses

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Outdoor Cat Houses

Whether you are looking for an outdoor cat house for your outdoorsy feline or are wanting to protect the neighbourhood strays, we have got the perfect outdoor cat shelter for you.

From XL luxury self-heating micro-chip controlled cat houses to outdoor chalets and stray cat houses with a thermal barrier flap, our outdoor shelters are lovingly designed and manufactured in Great Britain so you know you are buying the very best. 

Built to withstand the UK weather, our outdoor cat houses will protect your furry felines come rain or shine. And because they are waterproof, you can rest easy knowing your outdoor cats are safe and snug in any one of our outdoor cat houses. 

Who needs an outdoor cat shelter?

In the last few years, animal rescue centres recommend that cat lovers Trap-Neuter-Return, or TNR, feral cats rather than place them in shelters. This means there are a lot more community cats in need of TLC. 

So, if you’ve noticed a community of feral cats in your area, or have a moggy that prefers spending time outside rather than in, then you definitely need a cat shelter. 

Easy to assemble

Most of our houses are delivered already assembly, and although the legs are optional, we recommend you attach them. This helps lift the outdoor shelter off the floor, keeping your cat warm and dry, regardless of the weather and also gives them a better viewing position to watch the world go by. Some of our Cat Houses come with a free stick of Catnip to help with the transition.

Easy to use

Remember to place the shelter in a secluded area, away from too much noise. You don’t want your guests to be too frightened to use their outdoor house.

Easy to clean

Our outdoor cat houses are designed with your convenience in mind, which means they are incredibly easy to clean. Simply lift the hinged roof to remove old newspapers or straw and replace it with fresh bedding. In a few minutes, the shelter is ready for its overnight guests. 

Don’t hesitate! especially in the colder months, now is the best time to ‘paw-it-forward’ and provide cats in need with a cosy home where they can rest their heads.