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Home & Roost has everything you need to create a  paradise for your Tortoises

All of our products are ethically and sustainably made in Britain, according to the highest standards for environmental protection, animal welfare, and labour practices. Home & Roost is accredited by the Made in Britain Campaign, as well as the Ethical Company Organization.

When you buy from Home & Roost, you’re not sending money to some faceless megaretailer. You’re supporting a family company right here in Britain. Your purchase supports British labour, British communities, and the British economy.

What’s more, your Home & Roost purchase doesn’t just include the product. Customers also have access to our help centre and extensive library of articles on every aspect of pet care and ownership.

And if anything should go wrong with your order, you know where to find us.


  • Tortoises can live happily indoors or out. Whether your tortoise is a homebody or a garden resident, we can help you build them a pet palace.
  • We sell spacious two-room tortoise boxes. In addition, we carry anti-fall safety lids for those boxes. Choose an all-natural substrate to encourage burrowing, and a large water dish for soaking.
  • We also carry a variety of food and treats for your hard-shelled friend.

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