How Big should your Guinea Pig Cage Be?

Are you sure you have the right size cage for your cavy? As much as they are rodents, guinea pigs need a lot more space than gerbils, hamsters and mice. You see, small cages use vertical space for pets to climb, as well as burrow and dig. But guinea pigs prefer floor space to forage, graze and play. And as social as cavies are, they still need their own designated areas where they can sleep.

In our experience, the best guinea pig cages are those typically made for rabbits. As far as guinea pig housing goes, bigger definitely is better.

Guinea Pig Cage Size Guidelines

The minimum size cage for one guinea pig, according to the RSPCA is 7.5 ft squared ( 27 inches x 41 inches), but the preferred size should be 10.5 ft squared (27 inches x 56 inches). Remember though, cavies are social animals and need companionship, so we recommend always having two or more in a cage.

With this in mind, these are the guidelines for choosing the correct guinea pig cage:

  • Cage for 2 guinea pigs: 10.5 square feet or 27 inches by 56 inches
  • Cage for 3 guinea pigs: 13 square feet or 27 inches by 71 inches
  • Cage for 4 guinea pigs: 16 square feet or 27 inches by 84 inches

*Guinea pig cages for 2 males (or more) should always be one size bigger

The Best Guinea Pig Cage For Your Pet

When you are looking for a cage for your guinea pig, one of the first things you will notice is that they are available in different sizes and shapes. There are single-tier hutches, as well as two and three-tiered options to choose from. You can even go for single and double-storey cages, depending on your needs, and budget.

The most important thing to consider when deciding on housing for two guinea pigs or more is that there needs to be plenty of floor space for them to run around and play. Single storey hutches are especially good for this, but if space is a problem, you could always add a run.

Home and Roost has a wide range of guinea pig cages and runs available. We also have folding runs that are extremely popular. To help you find the one you are looking for, we have included a few of our favourite cages below.

4ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo

The 4ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run offer a large amount of space with a small footprint, and it comes with a run. What we particularly like is that the hutch is raised, keeping your cavies safe off the ground, and it has plenty of room for two guinea pigs.

The hutch and run combo include a trapdoor trap that you can lock at night. But it isn’t designed with just your guinea pigs in mind. The hutch is positioned at the perfect height so that you don’t have to bend down to see them or give them a cuddle. While the run is on the ground, perfectly positioned for your cavies to run, play and forage.

5ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo

Another top-selling hutch is the 5ft Kendal Luxury Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combo. Like the 4ft Kendal hutch, this is off the ground, and there is ample space for your guinea pigs should they need some timeout from their companions.

The run is also spacious, measuring 5ft x 3.7ft x 2ft, and there is a door that can be closed at night so that your guinea pigs are safe.

6ft Chartwell 2 Tier Guinea Pig Hutch

If you need to keep your guinea pigs separate, but still want them to have loads of living and leisure space, then you should consider the 6ft 2 Tier Chartwell Guinea Pig Hutch. There are two, unconnected floors, each with their own sleeping compartment and play area.

Although this isn’t a hutch and run combo, you can purchase runs separately to give your guinea pigs even more space.

The Benefits of a Large Guinea Pig Cage

Bigger is better when choosing a house for your guinea pigs. Here are a few benefits of a large cage:

More space to exercise

Guinea pigs need plenty of space to exercise. Because they like to graze, they have the propensity to put on weight. This can lead to a wide range of health problems, including diabetes, respiratory and heart problems, as well as bumblefoot. Keeping your guinea pig active is keeping your guinea pig healthy.

Provides more stimulation

In the same way people get bored with the same surroundings day in and day out, so do guinea pigs. Ensuring they have ample space to explore, eat, sleep, play and go to the loo will not only keep your guinea pig healthy physically but mentally too.

Allows for more alone time

Guinea pigs are social animals and love company, but they need their own space as well. A large hutch allows them to spend time together, or when they need it, areas where they can get away from it all.

Makes cleaning easy

This might sound daft, but a bigger cage is much easier to clean. And because a clean cage is essential for your guinea pig’s health, the easier it is to clean, the more you will be inclined to do it.

Keeps guinea pigs happy

A happy guinea pig is a healthy guinea pig, which is what you want. After all, they are more entertaining and quirky to be around when they are wheeking, whooping and popcorning all over the place. Also, because you will be spending less time cleaning, more time can be spent enjoying your charming chums.

Guinea Pig Cage Essentials

Don’t forget, your guinea pigs need more than just a cage. Take a look at essential items you will also need to get for your cavies.

Cage must-haves

These are the most essential items you need for your cavy’s cage

  • Bowl for food (preferably ceramic and heavy, so it doesn’t tip over)
  • Water bottle/dispenser
  • Bedding
  • Hiding spots
  • Cleaning materials

Boredom busters

Guinea pigs love to play, so it is a good idea to place safe, non-toxic toys around the hutch. And don’t forget to have more than one of each to prevent guinea pigs fighting over things. Popular items include:

  • Hide and play tubes
  • Tunnels
  • Lounging logs
  • Chew toys

Something else guinea pigs especially love is time with their humans. Make sure they have plenty of time outside their hutch with you. You can cuddle, pet and play, as well as groom them.

Guinea pigs, in our opinion, are one of the best pocket pets around. And when looked after properly, provide you with endless hours of laughs and giggles. In return, all they need is a spacious home to call their own.

Let us know if you found this article useful. We always love hearing from our readers, so feel free to leave a comment below.


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  1. I would very much appreciate views on how much Guinea pigs actually like 2 storey structures. I have always found that by choice they like to stay on one level–what has everyone else found?

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