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Guinea Pig Runs

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The Best Guinea Pig Runs Available

Guinea pig runs are the best way for owners to give their pigs a safe pace to play and exercise. Our runs come in all shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect option for your needs. We also provide all the run accessories you could ever need including toys and boredom busters, run shelters, run shades and food and water dispensers. Many of our runs are also designed to attach to our guinea pig hutches which means you can make them a permanent or temporary addition to a hutch without a minimal effort.

Guinea Pig Runs Designed and Made in the UK

Here at Home & Roost, we love guinea pigs as much as you do. That is why we have made sure that every run we sell is designed with your pets in mind. All of our runs use 1 inch by .5 inch galvanised wire mesh to keep them safe from predators without risking them getting caught. The wood we use is also treated with water-based pet safe wood preservative. That way even if your pet nibbles their new run they will be just fine. We have even considered the height of our runs. They are all designed with approximately 2 feet of headroom so your guinea pig can stand up on its hind legs without hitting its head.

Guinea Pig Owners Recommend

If you are considering buying a run, we recommend you purchase a few other accessories to keep your guinea pig protected. First of all, we would suggest a run shade. Guinea pigs are not used to being out in hot weather or direct sun so they will need a shady place to relax. The shade will also help them stay dry if it rains. Another good addition to your run is a few toys. Guinea pigs can get bored if they are just left alone with nothing to do and toys really help.

A wide range of Guinea Pig Run options

We carry both standard and folding guinea pig runs. All of our runs can easily be moved around by two people. That means you can change the location of your run to give your guinea pig a new place to explore. Our folding runs are another great option. They can be put away for winter and are perfect for small gardens where a more permanent run is not an option.

  • Our Rabbit and Guinea Pig runs are designed to allow your pets to enjoy the outside safely. Although fun for your pets, a run is no protection for your pets overnight or unaccompanied against preditors. We would always recommend securing your pets inside a hutch overnight or when unaccompanied.
  • Our runs are not compatible with any 3rd party tubing system. We would recommend using the tubing manufactures own range of runs.