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4ft Guinea Pig Hutches

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4ft Guinea Pig Hutches

Our range of single, double and 2 tier 4ft guinea pig hutches are perfect for the animal lover just getting started or the experienced keeper. Our single Guinea Pig Hutches come with a separated sleeping compartment and raised legs keeping the floor of the ground. They also have a wired front panel and door perfect for accessories like Hay Feeders and Water Bottles.

Our Small Guinea Pig Hutches are Perfect for Children and Beginners

Guinea Pigs make fantastic first pets for children; they can be a great way to teach responsibility and companionship. Because of our 4ft hutches market-leading depth and height, our small guinea pig hutches have substantial living floor space and headroom that make them easier than other hutches to use. Open the doors, and you find that you have so much open space. Even small children will find it easy to make sure that there’s plenty of fresh water and the food is topped up. It’s vital that you make friends with your pets as soon as possible. They need to get to know you and your smell, so they feel relaxed. The lower profile of the Single tier option makes it easier for children to bond with their pets. It’s also fun to open the doors and watch the guinea pigs play and get up to trouble. The safety bar located under the doors of every Chartwell Guinea Pig Hutch also doubles as a waste shoot when cleaning to reduce the chance of your pets escaping or getting hurt when the doors are fully open.

Our double and 2 tier 4ft guinea pig hutches pack a significant amount of features in a compact design. If you require two floors but would like your pets to go up and down when they want, we’d recommend our best selling Chartwell Double Guinea Pig Hutch. If you need to keep your pets separate then it’s the 4ft Chartwell 2 Tier Guinea Pig Hutch we’d recommend.

Big Things in Small Packages

Our small guinea pig hutches are so popular because we cram in a lot of living space in such a compact design. In fact, you won’t find an outdoor pet house with more floor space or headroom anywhere else in the market. We do this by making sure that each floor has approx two feet of headroom and two feet of depth. Other hutches can claim to be a certain size, but in reality, they only offer a fraction of the space and for around the same price. We believe that not only should you get fantastic value for your money but your pets deserve more as well.

The extra room afforded by our 4ft Chartwell Guinea Pig Hutches gives you effortless access. Open the doors and you’ll find a wide and open space that makes arranging food, bedding and toys much more accessible than other hutches on the market. If you want a small guinea pig hutch but don’t want to scrimp on quality or your pets welfare than you in the right place. Supplied with enough bedding, fresh Hay and drinking water your guinea pigs will love their new home.

Guaranteed Quality and 5 Star Customer Service

All our hutches and runs are handmade in the UK; we’re proud members of the Made in Britain campaign that champions manufacturing and investment in the UK. Each pet house is lovingly made in the south of England in Kent and achieves the highest standards to ensure your little friends home is perfect. Made from Scandinavian Redwood timber, our hutches have the weight of quality that you can instantly feel when you receive the delivery. Treated with an animal safe water-based preservative, this protects your new hutch from the weather and won’t harm your pets.

We will also provide every purchaser on Home and Roost with a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee if for whatever reason you’re not happy with your pets new home. We are proud of the fact that we are the only supplier with an independent 5 Star rating on Trustpilot.