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Guinea Pig Hutch Covers

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Why Our Guinea Pig Hutch Covers Are The Best

We have many guinea pig owners here at Home & Roost HQ and understand the importance of keeping your GP hutch in tip-top condition. Even though our hutches are of the highest quality and can take nearly everything the weather throws at them, your pets and hutch will always benefit from another layer of protection our covers can provide.

Not only will a cover help shield your pets from the elements, but also prolong the life of the hutch. It’s a win-win! That is why our covers are fully designed to keep the rain out of your hutch, preventing rot as well as keeping your animals warm and cosy in the colder weather. Our covers are wind and draught proof so, with a hutch cover to keep them protected, you don’t need to worry about your furry friend during those colder months.