4ft Kendal Luxury Rabbit Hutch and Run Combo

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Home & Roost proudly offer The Kendal 4ft Luxury Rabbit Hutch and Run combination. This hutch makes a fantastic pet home, all year round, for the larger rabbit or even two sharing. Manufactured in the UK using 10mm Scandinavian timber side panel construction,  this robust 4ft hutch sits over a double sized run (in either a forward or backward facing direction). In either position, access to the inside of the hutch is hassle free as we’ve integrated new, easy access, side opening doors. Finishing touches include a central wire panel for the water bottle, an arched divided sleeping area, a ridged safety ramp (providing access to a spacious 1” x ½” galvanized wire run) cementing the Kendal 4ft Luxury Rabbit Hutch and combo its place in our Hall of Fame. As if this wasn’t enough, it’s also weather proofed with an animal safe water based wood preservative, which provides protection from rain and sun deterioration.


  • Deeper and Higher than other Rabbit Hutches on the market
  • Robust 10mm timber side pannel construction
  • Cosy arched divided bedding area
  • Central wire panel for water bottle
  • Aluminium barrel bolts
  • Back or front facing hutch positioning
  • 1”x ½” galvanized wire mesh run
  • Weather proofed
  • Easy diagram assembly
  • 30 Day No Quibble money Back Guarantee


  • Regular hutch cleaning will keep your pet healthy and extend the life of your hutch
  • Apply a water based wood preservative between seasons to maintain the durability of the hutch
  • Always position in a safe and sheltered area in the garden.


  • Length = 1210mm
  • Width = 1200mm
  • Height = 1200mm




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