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Wild Garden Bird Table Anchoring Pegs | Pack of 4


About this item

  • RUST FREE: 4 powder coated steel pegs to secure bird tables into the soil and grass
  • EASY TO USE: Push into the ground over each bird table leg to secure in place
  • PEACE OF MIND: Never fear damage to your table or precious garden birds again
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: We will neither confirm nor deny that these can be used for Croquet.

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Keep your Bird Table the way nature intended it

Thar she blows no more! Thanks to our simple but effective Garden Bird Table Anchoring Pegs. No more constantly going outside to stand your table back up. To use, just push an anchoring peg into the ground over each supporting foot.

Picture the Scene

You get back from a hard day's work, you pour yourself a small lemonade and look out over your garden. Only to find that mother nature's taken out her anger on your new Home and Roost Bird table and its blown over.

Stand Up For Your Bird Table

Take back control of your garden and join the many others who say "No More" to blown over tables and startled garden birds. Buy our Stabilizing Anchoring Pegs today and forever enjoy your bird table in its rightful vertical position.