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Chicken Ark Type 01 Extension Kit | Maximize Your Flock’s Freedom With Home & Roost’s Extension Run Today


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  • FRONT EXTENSION KIT: Attach to our Chicken Ark Type 01 to provide extra space for your chickens
  • SPACIOUS EXPANSION: Doubles the available space inside the chicken ark, providing ample room for your feathered friends to roam and exercise
  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Ethically Hand Made in the UK from Sustainable Timber with >98% Live Knot Grading Process
  • EASY ACCESS DOORS: Equipped with user-friendly access doors, the extension run facilitates effortless cleaning, feeding, and interaction with your hens
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Despite its sturdy construction, the extension run is portable and lightweight, enabling easy relocation to different areas of your property
  • ANIMAL SAFE TREATMENT: Exclusive Manufacturer TIMBAC® Earth coating is applied to all of the wood, providing protection from the elements for up to 6-12 months
  • HAPPY, HEALTHY CHICKENS: By providing additional space for your chickens to explore and move freely, the extension run contributes to their overall happiness and well-being, resulting in healthier and more productive poultry.
  • Chicken Ark Type 01 not included

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Run Type 01 Extension Kit is a Modular Robust Welfare Run

Introducing our Chicken Ark Type 01 Extension Kit, a versatile solution designed to transform your chicken keeping experience. This thoughtfully crafted extension doubles the available space inside your existing chicken run, offering a spacious and secure environment for your feathered companions. The modular design ensures easy attachment and detachment, allowing you to customize the setup based on your evolving needs.

Constructed with durability in mind, the extension run features a secure mesh structure that keeps predators at bay. The weather-resistant materials ensure longevity, making this extension a reliable addition to your chicken-keeping setup. Access doors simplify daily tasks such as cleaning and feeding, enhancing the overall convenience for both you and your chickens. Not just a practical addition, the Chicken Ark Extension Run prioritizes the well-being of your poultry.

Portable and adaptable to various terrains, this extension is a valuable investment for anyone seeking to create an ideal living space for their flock, ultimately resulting in happier and healthier chickens. Elevate your chicken-keeping experience with our Chicken Ark Extension Run today!


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