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Gardman Complete Bird Feeding Station Kit with 4 Feeders | 20% OFF!



About this item

  • Full height approx. 185cm
  • Merely drive the pole into the grass or soil for a stable feeding base
  • Designed to discourage larger birds from feeding
  • Includes four metal top and bottom wire mesh feeders
  • Easy to assemble flatpack design - up and feeding birds in minutes
  • Multiple feeders enable a broader array of bird food types
  • Design allows a higher number of birds feeding at any one time
  • Different feeders will attract a variety of wild bird types
  • Supplied flat-pack for simple self-assembly

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Gardman Bird Feeding Station

If you're in the business of providing food and water for your local flying wildlife, then we here at Home and Roost salute you. The natural food supply, as well as the diversity of food needed for different types, is sadly becoming limited. We believe it's the duty of every garden owner no matter how big or small to have some offering our feathery friends can appreciate.

The RSPB (an excellent source of info) recommend that you offer different bird feeders to accommodate different kinds of birds that come across your garden. Sounds like a good idea to us!