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Hedgehog Hibernation House Starter Kit | The Perfect Cosy Retreat For Hibernating Hogs


About this item

  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Our hibernation shelters are handmade right here in East Kent using FSC® certified timber
  • SAVE MONEY: Help your local hedgehog and save money by purchasing this handy bundle in one go
  • EASY CLEANING: Simply wash out the box with boiling water and leave out to dry, we also suggest using our animal-safe disinfectant to kill any bacteria
  • LOW SIDED BOWL: Made from 100% recycled material designed so hedgehogs can easily drink from
  • LESS HEALTH RISK: We’ve ensured that your prickly visitor’s garden shelter starter kit is truly a safe retreat from daily hazards. The house is twin-treated with an anti-bacterial formula and comes with the essential accessories you need to look after your spikey friends

House Dimensions:

  • Height At Back: 260mm
  • Height at Front: 200mm
  • Width Including Roof Overhang: 395mm
  • Depth Including Roof Overhang: 460mm
  • Tunnel Entrance: 135mm x 120mm
  • Tunnel Length: 335mm
  • Internal Measurements: 345mm x 280mm

What’s Included:

    1. Deluxe Ventilated Predator Proof 🦔Hedgehog🦔 House & Hibernation Shelter
    2. Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food 900g
    3. The Hatchwell Company Hedgehog Food and Water Bowl
    4. Pillow Wad Meadow Hay 1kg
    5. A Helping Hedgehogs guide from Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

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Hedgehog Hibernation House Starter Kit

This handy starter kit gives you everything you need to provide the best hibernation station for your sleepy hogs.

We would recommend that you continue feeding hedgehogs throughout the winter. Leave a little dry hedgehog food, dog food or cat food out for your hedgehogs in the winter. They will wake naturally from hibernation a couple of times during the cold months. But leave this food in your feeding station, well away from the hibernation house.

You could if you wish leave a dish of water near, but not in, the hibernation house. One of the reasons hedgehogs are thought to rouse from hibernation is to drink in order to avoid dehydration. So a little water on hand is sure to be appreciated.

The starter kit comes with a food/water bowl, a bag of crunchy hedgehog food, and a small bag of dust-free hay to make for a cosy nest. Hedgehogs like to make their own nest, so there's a good chance they may throw this out, but make sure you site your shelter near other nesting materials such as leaves or hay.

Hedgehog numbers in the UK are in drastic decline. One of the best things you can do to help is provide shelter and food. Check out our article on setting up the perfect hibernation shelter.

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