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Home & Roost Budgie Mix 2kg – 20kg | Tailored Nutrition for Happy Budgies


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  • WELLNESS BLEND: A specialized mix of white millet and canary seed, thoughtfully crafted to meet the unique nutritional needs of budgies
  • COMPACT NUTRITION: A convenient and efficient feeding solution for caged budgies, offering a mix of white millet and canary seed to support their health and vitality in a controlled setting
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY BUDGIE DELIGHT: An economical option for budgie enthusiasts seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution to support the energy needs of their cheerful companions
  • EASY TO SERVE: Simplify feeding routines for caged budgies with this user-friendly mix, compatible with small feeders and designed to minimize mess, ensuring a clean and tidy cage environment
  • ORNITHOLOGIST APPROVED: Tested and approved by ornithologists for its ability to meet the specific dietary needs of budgies
  • COLOURFUL ENRICHMENT: Enhance the daily life of your caged budgies with a mix designed to provide both essential nutrients and a visually appealing variety of seeds, contributing to their overall well-being


Create an Enriched Haven for Your Birds with Home & Roost's Budgie Mix

Indulge your budgies with Home & Roost's specialized blend of white millet and canary seed, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique nutritional needs of these delightful companions. Whether your budgies thrive in an indoor haven, this mix is designed to provide a balanced and enriching diet that supports their health and vitality within the confines of their cage.

Our Budgie Mix offers more than just nourishment; it's a compact and efficient feeding solution for caged budgies. With the convenience of controlled portions and easy storage, this blend minimizes waste and mess, ensuring a clean and tidy environment inside the cage. The mix's compatibility with small feeders simplifies your daily routine, offering a hassle-free and enjoyable feeding experience that brings joy to your caged budgies.

Tested and approved by ornithologists, Home & Roost's Budgie Mix takes into account the specific dietary requirements of caged budgies. This thoughtful formulation provides not only the essential nutrients your budgies need but also enriches their daily lives.

Choose our Budgie Mix to foster a lively and colourful budgie population within your indoor space. Celebrate the joyfulness of budgie companionship every day, knowing that you're providing the best in nutrition and well-being for your feathered friends.

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