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Reptile, Snake, Lizard, Turtle, Tortoise, Frog, Toad, Spider, Insect Vivarium OSB with Sliding Acrylic Doors


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  • SAFE DESIGN: Solid transparent plinth to prevent falling out
  • SLIDING DOORS: Sliding toughened acrylic doors
  • VENTILATION: Double 70mm vents
  • STRONG PARTICLE BOARD: Thick 12mm OSB construction
  • MADE IN BRITAIN: Hand made in South East Kent


  • Width: (M) 824mm | (L) 1024mm | (XL) 1224mm | (XXL) 1524mm
  • Depth: 400mm
  • Height: 420mm


Welcome to Home & Roost's brand new reptile range

Looking for the perfect home for your exotic pet? Look no further! Our vivarium is the perfect solution for providing a comfortable, natural environment for your beloved reptile, amphibian, or small mammal.

With sliding doors made of high-quality acrylic, our vivarium is built to withstand the rigours of daily use and provide a clear, unobstructed view of your pet. The transparent doors also allow for plenty of natural light to filter in, providing a bright and comfortable space for your pet to live and thrive.

But our vivarium is more than just a box - we've included all the necessary features to mimic your pet's natural habitat. With a built-in dual vent system which can double up as cable room for heaters etc, your pet will enjoy the same temperature and lighting conditions as they would in the wild. And with plenty of space for plants, rocks, and other décor, you can create a realistic and enriching environment for your pet to explore and play.

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