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Tortoise House Anti-fall Guard | LID ONLY | Tortoise Table Not Included | Available in 4 Sizes


About this item

  • FALL GUARD: Wire mesh lid only | Tortoise table and accessories not included
  • SAFETY IN MIND: Designed to ensure the wellbeing of your tortoise
  • ANY SIZE: Available in 4 sizes to accompany our full range of tortoise tables


  • MEDIUM: 295mm x 385mm
  • LARGE: 455mm x 385mm
  • XL: 690mm x 385mm
  • XXL: 910mm x 385mm



What is a Fall Guard?

A fall guard is a wire mesh lid that sits over a tortoise table to provide extra protection to your beloved pet. It prevents them from climbing out, but also acts as a barrier to safeguard your tortoise against falling objects, as well as other pets and small children.

This wire lid is designed to sit neatly on top of your Home & Roost Tortoise Table, no matter the size. Simply insert the dowels provided into the sides of the table, and the lid rests on top.

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Medium, Large, XL, XXL

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