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Home & Roost High Energy Bird Seed Mix | A Nutritious Blend For Your Feathered Visitors This Winter


About this item

  • ENERGY EXPLOSION: A dynamic blend, meticulously crafted to provide a burst of high-energy nutrition for active bird species
  • VITAL DAILY FUEL: Delivers essential nutrition tailored to the daily energy requirements of birds, promoting their overall vitality with each feeding
  • COST-EFFECTIVE ENERGY: An economical choice for bird enthusiasts seeking a powerful and budget-friendly solution to fuel the energy needs of their feathered companions
  • IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTION: Formulated to attract a diverse array of energetic garden birds, perfect for those looking to support the liveliness of their outdoor space.
  • ADAPTABLE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with a wide range of bird feeders, providing versatility and convenience for various bird feeding setups
  • ORNITHOLOGIST ACCLAIM: Tested and approved by ornithologists for its ability to meet the high-energy dietary needs of active bird species.
  • VIBRANT SANCTUARY: The perfect choice for fostering a dynamic and lively bird population in your backyard or outdoor space. Transform your outdoor space into an energetic haven for local birds with Home and Roost's high-energy bird seed mix
  • WINTER WARRIOR: As the chill of winter descends, Home and Roost's High Energy Bird Seed Mix transforms into a vital ally for our feathered friends


Choose Home and Roost's High Energy Bird Seed Mix for a vibrant and dynamic bird population in your garden

This dynamic blend of sunflower hearts, white millet, kibbled maize, nyjer, naked oats, red millet, chopped peanuts, mealworm, and suet pellets is meticulously crafted to provide a burst of high-energy nutrition for active bird species.

During winter, birds experience increased energy demands to maintain their body temperature and combat the scarcity of natural food sources. Our high energy mix is specifically designed to provide a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, fats, and proteins, ensuring birds have the fuel needed to endure the cold and frost.

Ideal for bird enthusiasts seeking an economical yet powerful solution, our mix attracts a diverse array of garden birds, bringing vibrancy to your outdoor space. Compatible with various bird feeders, it offers a hassle-free and energizing feeding experience, tested and approved by ornithologists to meet the high-energy dietary needs of local bird species.

Celebrate the vitality of nature at your doorstep every day.

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