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Home & Roost Robin and Song Bird Seed Mix | For A Harmonious Sanctuary In Your Garden


About this item

  • SERENE SANCTUARY: Elevate your outdoor space into a peaceful haven for local birds with Home and Roost's no mess bird seed blend
  • MELODIOUS NUTRITION: Crafted to provide essential nutrition specifically tailored to the discerning tastes of robins and songbirds, ensuring their well-being with each delightful peck
  • HARMONY IN USAGE: Streamlined and easy to use, offering simplicity for bird enthusiasts keen on providing a wholesome feeding experience while maintaining a clean and organized feeding area
  • TUNE-ADAPTABLE FEEDER: Compatible with a variety of bird feeders, providing flexibility and ease for different setups while creating a melody of fluttering activity
  • ORNITHOLOGIST APPLAUSE: Tested and approved by ornithologists for its ability to meet the specific dietary needs of robins and songbirds while providing a harmony of flavours


Transform your outdoor space into a musical haven for robins and songbirds with Home and Roost's Robin and Song Bird Seed Mix

This harmonious blend of sunflower hearts, naked oats, red millet, mealworms, pinhead oats, kibbled maize, chopped peanuts, white millet, berry, insect, and mealworm suet pellets is designed to satisfy the unique dietary preferences of robins and songbirds.

Ideal for bird enthusiasts seeking an affordable yet premium option, our mix attracts these melodious companions, creating a symphony of fluttering activity in your backyard.

Compatible with various feeders, it offers a hassle-free and harmonious feeding experience. Tested and approved by ornithologists, this blend ensures the well-being of your avian visitors. Embrace the serenade of nature with Home and Roost's Robin and Song Bird Seed Mix.

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