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Chartwell Double Rabbit Hutch

The biggest and best Rabbit Hutches on the market. Our Double Hutches are made from Fox Proof wire and thick floors. Guaranteed to make your Bunny safe and happy.

Outdoor Cat House
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Self Heating Outdoor Cat House

Individually tested by thousands of felines, our outdoor cat houses have a proven track record of providing shelter for your pets and strays cats when they need a safe and secure place to rest.

Garden Bird Table
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Fordwich Wild Garden Bird Table

Our range of Wild Garden Bird Feeders and Tables have 5 Star reviews and are all hand made. Beautifully designed, the perfect addition to your garden.

Pet Lovers Merch
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Wall Cat Shelve

High on cats but low on space?
Our wall mounted cat shelves are great for the cat lover who wants their feline to reach new heights and have super cosy naps.

Pet Lovers Merch
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Pet Lover's Merch

The Home and Roost merchandise shop is now officially open. We have a great range of accessories from T-Shirts to phone cases. Only for people who love their pets and aren't afraid to show it.


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