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With Many Thanks From Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Last weekend was our Big Black Friday Give Back. We donated 10% of all the money you spent with us to animal charities. You told us which charities to donate to, and for our wild bird charity, you chose Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. This week we’re going to share a bit about the work they do and how your nominations and donation will help.

What Do Robins Eat?

One of our most popular garden birds, the robin is always a welcome visitor, especially in winter when his red breast brightens up the scene. The feisty little robin copes with the British winter. But it can be a struggle. When temperatures fall below freezing, the robin can lose up to 10% of his body weight in just one night.

Where to Place a Bird Bath

Ornithologists will tell you that providing fresh water for birds is probably more important than providing food. It can attract a broader range of species to your garden and will certainly provide you with plenty of entertainment.  Getting the position of your birdbath right will have a significant impact on how much use the birds … Read more