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What To Feed Garden Birds In Winter | Why Winter Feeding Saves Lives

In winter our garden birds face a double whammy of challenges: it’s cold, so they need more food to keep up their energy and fat reserves. And at the same time, there is much less food around: plants are bare, flying insects have vanished, and worms are buried in frozen ground. The food we provide is crucial at this time of year, so let’s look at what to feed garden birds in winter.

8 DIY Bird Feeder Projects | Fun Feeders to Make At Home ( + one to Avoid!)

The more bird feeders you have the more birds you can attract to your garden by offering a greater variety of food and more “tables” in your garden bird restaurant. There are plenty of bird feeders available to buy (we sell some lovely ones ourselves!) But making your own can be fun too: so here are some of our favourite DIY bird feeder projects – enjoy!

How Best To Feed Ground Feeding Birds

This sounds like a bit of a silly question at first. Ground feeding birds – put some feed on the ground, right? Well, you can simply throw some food on the ground to cater for these birds. But you may run into problems. Attracting rats, exposing your birds to predators, and ending up with a cornfield where your lawn used to be, for example.

How To Feed Blackbirds But Not Pigeons | It’s Easier Than You Think!

Pigeons are big birds, and they eat A LOT! Giving other birds a chance to feed when you have pigeons around can be a challenge. There are lots of pigeon-proof hanging feeders for birds like tits and finches. But what about the ground feeding birds like blackbirds and robins? How to keep the pigeons off their food? It can be easier than you think.

When Do Hedgehogs Come Out of Hibernation?

In the UK, hedgehogs typically come out of hibernation between March and May. There is a lot of variation between years, between different areas of the country and between different individuals. Emerging from hibernation is a dangerous moment in the hedgehog year. In this article, we will look at the process in more detail and understand how we can help.

How To Make Your Own Suet Balls.

t’s easy and cheap enough to buy suet balls or fat cakes for the birds. But if like me, your waistline won’t stand any more home baking, or you need a fun project to do with the kids, making some suet balls or fat cakes for the birds can be a good option. Keep yourself occupied and the birds well fed during the cold days of winter. Here’s our step by step guide.

What Do Squirrels Eat?

Nuts, nuts, nuts! This is what we think squirrels eat right? Well, they do eat nuts. But nuts are certainly not the only thing on the squirrel menu or even what they eat the most of. And some nuts can actually be bad for squirrels. Whether you are just curious or planning to feed your local squirrels, in this article, we have everything you need to know about the squirrel diet.

Which Birds Eat Mealworms?

I can hear some of you going “eeeuuugh!” at the very mention of mealworms. But this tasty little snack is loved by many of our native birds. And as part of a balanced diet mealworms can be a great support to insectivorous birds at many times of the year. So let’s take a look at which birds enjoy mealworms, why they are so beneficial, and how even the most squeamish of you can offer them without losing your lunch!

What do Wood Pigeons Eat?

Love them or loathe them, the wood pigeon, (Columba Palumbus), is a common sight in most of our gardens. Once a shy, woodland bird wood pigeons are thriving in the UK – and they seem to always be hungry! So let’s take a look at what precisely these birds eat, and why, at a time when so much wildlife is under threat, wood pigeons are doing so well.