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What Is a Healthy Weight For a Hedgehog?

Healthy adult hedgehogs typically weigh between 1 and 2 lbs in the wild. But there is vast variation, depending on the age and sex of the hog and the time of year. Being under-, or less commonly over-weight can cause big problems for hedgehogs, and the scales aren’t always the best way of telling whether a hog is carrying the right amount of body fat.

Caring for Pets and Wildlife on Bonfire Night

I am very lucky, my dog, Ollie doesn’t bat an eyelid at fireworks, in fact if we’re out on an evening walk and a firework goes off I probably jump more than he does. But Ollie is a rarity, for many pets and their owner’s bonfire night, and fireworks at any time of the year, are extremely stressful, And of course, they can be hazardous for garden wildlife too. 

So today we are taking a look at how to do the best for the animals in our lives on bonfire night. 

Hedgehogs In Spring: What to Expect and How to Help

Our hedgehogs may have had a quiet time during winter hibernation, but they make up for it with a very busy few months during the spring. Just getting out of bed (or rousing from hibernation) is a huge effort. Then comes the mating season and nest building. It’s all going on in the wonderful world of hedgehogs in the spring, and there is plenty we can do to help hedgehogs in spring. 

What to Feed Your Rabbit in Winter | The Best Winter Foods for Rabbits

By now we all know that our pet rabbits should be eating a diet that’s rich in hay and greens, with a limited amount of pellet food. This combination prevents obesity and can help to stave off other health problems, too. But winter brings some special care needs, including diet. The fact is, in winter, your rabbit should be eating a bit differently and a bit more.