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Should Cats Go Outside In The UK?

While many people living in the UK allow their cats to roam freely outdoors, there are those pet owners who prefer keeping theirs indoors. This is what we refer to the indoor vs outdoor cat debate, and it has probably been going a few hundred years ago when Felis catus, or cats, first took over our homes.

What To Do If Your Cat Goes Missing

It isn’t uncommon for cats, especially outdoor ones, to wander off occasionally for a day or two and then return home, totally unaware of the stress and worry they’ve caused. But what happens if yours go missing for an extended period? In this article, we are looking at what you need to do if your cat is lost. Our step-by-step action plans will help you stay calm and collected while you look for your missing moggy.

How Do You Clean An Outdoor Cat?

Cats are known for cleaning themselves, but what happens when your moggy spends a lot of time outside, and a self-grooming session isn’t enough to get your feline looking, and smelling, fresh? While our quick-witted answer to ‘how do you clean your outdoor cat’ would be carefully, we understand you might need a little more guidance.