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How To Set Up Your Hedgehog House For Hibernation

Hedgehogs traditionally hibernate in places like mature tree roots, old rabbit holes and the bases of established hedges. There aren’t too many of these habitats to be found in many of our gardens. So it’s good to provide a hedgehog house as an alternative hibernation home for our local hogs. Let’s take a look at how to set up your hedgehog house for hibernation.

How To Help Hedgehogs In Autumn | Preparing for Hibernation

For most of the hedgehogs in our gardens preparing to hibernate is the focus of their activity over the autumn months. Hibernation is a crucial but dangerous part of the hedgehog year. And what happens in autumn is critical in determining whether our hogs make it through to next spring. So this week we’re looking at how to help hedgehogs in autumn.

The Best Hedgehog Houses – How To Choose?

Our gardens are becoming an ever more important haven for hedgehogs and all wildlife. Providing a hedgehog house along with the freedom to roam and fresh food and water help to give hedgehogs a chance. In fact, the evidence is that hedgehogs populations are actually on the rise in some urban and suburban areas, thanks to the help we offer in our gardens

The Best Bedding for a Hedgehog House

In their natural environment hedgehogs will happily gather up their own nesting material and build the nests they need for hibernation, breeding, or just a daytime nap. But as British Hedgehog Preservation Society tells us, natural British hedgehog habitat is disappearing fast. It’s not so easy for our hogs to find the things they need to make a cosy nest these days. So it’s down to us to lend a hand.

How to Set Up a Hedgehog Feeding Station >>REDIRECTED<<

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