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7 Games To Play With Your Guinea Pig | For Fun and Better Bonding

Who said guinea pigs are boring pets? With a bit of patience and tasty treats in hand, you and your piggies can spend some quality time together playing games. Not only is this good for building bonds with your pets, but owning and interacting with your pet can decrease your stress levels, help with depression and even help lower cholesterol levels, according to the CDC. So read on for our guide to the 7 best games to play with your guinea pigs.

10 Best Boredom Busters for Guinea Pigs

Did you know guinea pigs are naturally curious, energetic and intelligent little creatures? They are also very social and, in the wild, when left to their own devices, will spend hours foraging, exploring and interacting with others. While these characteristics all add to their undeniable charm, it also means they need to be kept stimulated with a wide range of activities to keep the boredom blues at bay.